Financial Sharing

A corporate social responsibility contribution in Engaging, Enabling, Empowering & Enriching the community with financial literacy, action and financial abundance.

Financial Awareness Programs

We conduct many financial awareness programs for different entitles and include corporate, tertiary institutions (both public and private), societies and NGOs. This financial literacy program is part of our corporate social responsibility activities and it is provided free upon invitation. We help the staff and members of the entities to be financial aware and take proactive and assertive planning to further their financial security, freedom and independence. Here are some of the entities and theme we had shared in the past and we often design targeted programs to better fit your unique needs.

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Financial Survival Workshop

This workshop are for those small and medium enterprises who are facing severe financial hardship especially with the recent Covid pandemic. There is a need for them to take a closer look at their financial means, capabilities and management. We are focused at reviewing their financial health and provide strategies and solution to turn their business around. this workshop can also be attended by NGO who serve community wellness programs which are cost intensive. Again, it is all about financial literacy, financial action and financial wellness.

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Financial Counseling Workshop

This Program is a one-to-one session for family who have special kids. The issues they faces are diverse and challenging. One of their major concern will be the financial factor - both short and long term. We are ready to help by providing a detailed financial diagnosis and map out various financial strategies and solutions aligning it with the parents' unique and specific goals for their special kid.

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Financial Counseling and Consultation

This is one-to-one session as a follow through from the Financial Awareness Program or the Financial Survival Workshop. this formal appointment facilities diagnosis of client's goals as well as their personal financial ecosystem. This will then allow us to propose unique strategies and solutions to ensure client's constraints and challenges are minimized while their resources are being maximized and multiplied. This counseling and consultation program is a partnership between us and client to achieve their financial commitment and subsequently their financial dreams and independence.

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