Mr. Hor Kwei Loon
Director & Talent Management
Mr. Hor oversee the Talent Management function which includes the recruitment and training portfolio.

He spend almost two decades as a banker of which seven years were in human resources. He ventured into HR consulting and training in 2000 and has since engaged with many corporate and NGO clients in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand apart from those in Malaysia. His area of expertise is in recruitment, talent training and development, performance management, soft skills development, and organizational development. He is also a certified and experienced DISC practitioner as well as a DDI customer service trainer, among his many talent. Meanwhile, his clients include many MNCs and international NGOs.

He brings his vast experience into SK iWealth since 2014 and enjoy the dynamic opportunities to develop young talents.

Family and Interests
He enjoys reading and research in the exciting area of integrative health and advocate simple and natural methodology to reclaim our personal health, both physical and mental.

He also conducts the unique and comprehensive ACE Program (Accelerated Career Excellence) for Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and other tertiary institutions. This is part of his many educational community projects that he is engaged in.