Chong  Zee Mee graduated in 2017 with Bachelor Degree in Banking and Finance. She also graduated with Dual Award in Coventry University.


She started her first career in event management – an occupation filled with constant changes and challenges which she enjoys along with the working environment. In order to have a successful event, arrangement, details, team spirit and execution are the main keys in the industry.


After more than 3 years she decided to return to her pet interest of finance by joining the financial planning sector. A couple of months of searching high and low she discover her ideal company and become a financial integrator – finally home with her first love.  


She believes everyone can be a Millionaire if one’s financial portfolio is well managed from an early age. Of course, with professional and guidance, self direction and commitment anyone will sail through their life with the least of concern for money.


Nobody has exactly taught us how to manage our wealth, in fact our entire life – this is most unfortunate. Therefore, her engagement in financial awareness and literacy and finally financial diagnostics and solutioning to help others step slowly but surely into financial freedom gives her so much happiness and fulfilment.

Family and Interests

She loves nature with forest and sea which endow her with peace of mind. She is also keen in hiking and fly cycle. 

Ms. Chong Zee Mee
Financial Integrator