Loh Jie Wen or better known as Jamie graduated in 2016 with a degree in Geophysics. She also earned the Gold Medal Award on her graduation – showcasing her balance between academic distinction and extracurricular excellence.

Much as she enjoy the possibility of being a topnotch geophysicist but the challenge of excelling in the premium and niche area of financial integration is most enticing. This coupled with a higher pay, flexible time and the opportunity to serve others was warmly satisfying. Hence, her first dream career after graduation is financial integration – a real surprise to her friends and especially her parent. 

It was not an easy path, but she triumph. She dived into numbers and values naturally and excel in her performance – as she travel the width and length of Malaysia marketing her competence, and adding more feathers to her cap. Her clients and herself were thrilled. 

Family and Interests
She is a social creature enjoying the outdoor life of travelling, hiking and more. On the other end she is a competent cook, inheriting the art from her family, and dishing out goodies in short notice for her buddies. 
Ms. Jamie Loh
Financial Integrator (Senior), 
Head of  Training Division