Hui Ming, also known as  ‘Your Pretty Advisor’ in the Facebook world, and is committed to her passion as a financial integrator to bring financial abundance to all clients.

Fresh and straight from a Degree in Arts in 2017 she dive into this career and has since acquire 100 plus satisfied clients. She has always believe in the importance of having a person’s financial planning managed well as that is the roadmap to a person’s dream and life, fulfillment and freedom. She knows for sure the huge gap between reality and wonderland – which can only be bridge via financial integration. 

She take various steps to increase her financial literacy, awareness and professional skills including seminars, sharing and personal consultation session. 

Family and Interests

She loves engaging in community services. She is an active charted member and Public Image chair in Rotary Club of Bukit Bendera, where she has organized various projects i.e., Bake This Xmas, I Am The Survivor – a  cancer awareness programme. She also the co-lead for Women Will, a community program by Grow with Google in supporting women’s economic potential through digital skills and community building.

Ms. Khaw Hui Ming
Financial Integrator (Senior)