She is a young talent straight from a Degree in Microbiology in 2018. Instead of dwelling in the organic ecosystem she prefer to submerge in scrutinizing the inorganic personal financial ecosystem of her client to construct the best possible integrated formula for them to lead ideal financial wellness.

This passion and commitment earned her the Best Rookie Award in her first year in 2019. She is also an Certified Financial Planner and hope to further her professionalism with more specialized seminars and courses.

Her coming dreams is to host regular FB live sessions to promote greater financial awareness and literacy in the community.

Family and Interests
She loves nature and she would spend her leisure time volunteering for programs to preserve nature and environment. Adjoining this passion is photography which gave her an opportunity to capture realities and memories of her passion. 

Her goal is to enjoy life with people while helping as many as she could as a financial integrator.
Ms. Kong Cia Ying
Financial Integrator (Senior)