Yanice Cheong is committed to her passion as a financial integrator to create exposure and insight for clients to achieve financial abundance and to realize their dream. This has always been her dream since graduating with a Degree in Design and Management in 2017.

After diving headfirst into this career, she acquired more than 100 satisfied clients within a year and was awarded the Top Rookie Award in 2018. She believes that everyone should dream boldly and plan meticulously in their finances to manifest it across time. Indeed, Rome wasn't built in a day. Her mantra is "Don't wait for it to happen, be the spark to make it happen.“

Family and Interests
She is passionate about food and enjoys sharing her handmade cookie creations with the community which she turn into a thriving business. It is about promoting and enjoying local authentic food. 

She is an active leadership member in the Business Networking International, Ipoh. This has allowed her to network with companies and business owners around the world. She now owns a food manufacturing company that caters to the local and international markets. 

These work-life balance allow her to share her happiness of food and finance with the world.
Ms. Yanice Cheong
Financial Integrator (Senior)