You’ve Heard Our Story, And Here Are The Stories from Others.

It is a pleasure and privilege to guide others to create values and watch how it has changed their life. Here are some grateful message from our clients. Hope you are inspired by them to take the first step to greater sense of security, safety and solace.
Law Ean Im & Wong See Chiang (Retiree)

SK iWealth is undoubtedly a leading financial corporation in Malaysia. It not only has best experience in managing your funds but also a true maven in Will Writing. True to its motto of “Creating Values and Changing Lives”, the will that SK iWealth has planned for us is really superb. It is as complete and comprehensive that we can see that every aspect of the weakness and loophole is well taken care of.

We junked our first will planned for us by another lawyer and immediately chose SK iWealth as our planner without any hesitation. Now we both feel very happy, relieved, satisfied and assured that our after-death financial assets will be very well taken care of all because of SK iWealth.

Ismail Bin Md Othman (Engineer, Texchem Group(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd)

Honestly, with the advice given on financial planning my future life goals are back on track! This made me think ahead in life for better end result. I would like to give a million thanks & appreciation, particularly to Ms Oo the director for her knowledge and advice. I feel better and great! I have learnt the importance of planning; now I know what I should do for now and also for tomorrow. Lastly, thank you SKiwealth  for being my financial advisor for life. I hope you will continue to add value to other Malaysians in the area of financial planning.

Lee Wen Tat (Senior Vice President, Savills(Penang) Sdn Bhd

Financial Planning have become a part of my life since year 2007 when I discovered SK iWealth. Since then, I have understood the importance of financial planning. SK iWealth have provided me the path to quantify & achieve my financial goals at different stages of my life. The process of achieving my goals includes family income planning, hospitalization planning, income replacement planning, retirement planning, education planning, investment planning and many more. By implementing these, I am now confident of achieving my goals. I also hope that SK iWealth will continuously guide me to achieve financial freedom.

Quah Mu Lian (Retiree)

Thank You Huei Ying (Director) for your advice in planning my will and trust for my OKU daughter. Took your advice to get an insurance policy which will pay for expenses while waiting for LA. Huei Ying is a friendly, accommodating person.

Loh Kooi Cheng (Principle)

This financial planning talk is interesting, very informative and relevant to all teachers. The speaker herself is active, experienced,elegant in her presentation. In short, this is one of the most beneficial & interesting talks that the school has planned so far.

Dr. A.B Chattopadhyay (Professor in Obstetrician and Gynaecologist)

Very educative seminar on financial planning.

Chen Kei Yaik (Data Analsyt)

I approached SK iWealth because I realised the important of managing wealth in a proper and professional way, especially for the younger generation like me.

SK iWealth helped me to understand deeply on my position of my wealth, and providing professional advice & suggestion to handle and manage my wealth more efficiently for a better planning in preparing for future needs.

Law Ean See (Retired Teacher)
​Lee Jin Inn (Retired Teacher)

The sharing & consultation made us aware of so many important points that we overlooked when we had our previous will done. The advice given is indeed very valuable & deeply appreciated. So much detail is taken care of. Now both of us feel so at ease because we have left behind Wills that will be executed professionally. Thank You.

Chan Pik Yean (Business Owner, Jade Aromatheraphy)

其实,我实在蛮幸运的。因为小女儿的大学梦,我才问慧英她 当年留学的经历。那时她告诉我应该由规划钱财开始。 之前的我,没有什么计划的花钱,规划了以后,我开始谨慎的 花钱。 这让我觉得不管是小女儿的大学梦,还是我未来的退休生活都 有了保障。

Ms. Sumathi (Head of Department)

I find this session to be an eye opener. Brought us awareness on will & investment. Glad I attended this session, thank you!

Dr. Annie Jeyachristy (Lecturer)

Very interesting seminar. Useful for a healthy & sound living. Topic on 5 I’s was amazing. This seminar actually gave an overall idea about financial planning with income earned. It has also helped and benefited in term of income & payment management.

Dr. Lee Su Yin (Lecturer)

Seminar is very good & informative. Speaker is knowledgeable and able to make topic easy to understand.

Dr. Francis (Senior Associate Professor)

1. Clear message with very clear illustration.

2. Awareness created on protection

3. Proper savings is a must in investment advocated in the speech

4. Good & important

Kalaiselvee (Lecturer)

Thank You to SK iWealth for giving us more in depth information. And especially to Ms. Puru who has helped me and my husband to manage wisely and I feel so organized. She is also willing to share knowledge about our financial status. This I believe is very important. Thank You.

Ph'ng Chok Guan

I came to know Jazlynn (Ee Peng) through a property agent. As I know her deeper. She share with me about life planning beneficial to me. She is really different in term of professionalism & services explanation compare to my previous agents in insurance. She really help me in all rounded service in my life planning.

Saravanan (Manager)

My sincere gratitude to miss Puruvahinni who has helped me to have the right understanding on financial. Her view and knowledge personally is outstanding. She is ready to make her customer or the right word ‘family member’ able to appreciate what could be the right way of investing and channelling the money to the right investment funds. Her approach is very simple for people who has minimum knowledge on what to do rightfully. I do hope her and the company’s noble approach will be continued and my wish is if possible not to only approach working people but how SK iWealth able to reach out the education department and get secondary and universities students get the message/knowledge even before they go into the working life. Thank You again to SK iWealth for sending Puruvahinni to us. May God bless her and SK iWealth always.

Dr. PL Narayanan (Professor)

I have gone through the debacle of distribution of my father’s estate which was orchestrated by his favourite daughter who is a law graduate. My father made the grievous mistake of giving face to my unscrupulous eldest brother by naming him and the favourite daughter as executors of his estate. These two colluded and took the beneficiaries for a long ride. From this I learnt that it is better for the beneficiaries if professional third parties are appointed to distribute a deceased person’s estate without fear or favour. With the advice of Ms Oo from SK iWealth, I have appointed a corporate trustee to manage my estate. Hence, I have engaged Rockwills to fulfil this obligation.

Tan Gaik Pheng (Retiree)

The initial idea of drawing up a Will didn’t occur to me that so many factors are taken into consideration until I was introduced to  SK iWealth at Bodhiheart Sanctuary on 23rd Nov 2015.

Though my assets is very little, I’m satisfied that the complex procedure in before the distribution to the beneficiaries is well taken care of by the Pacific Trustees.

Thus, I have no regrets signing up with SK iWealth.

Umasuten Karisnan (Manager)

Puru has been instrumental in helping me manage and allocate my finances. She has vast knowledge and able to provide sound advice.

Tan Hoe Poo

I would like to record my appreciation to Huei Ying for providing me with invaluable advice on financial planning and insurance products. I have greatly benefited from the sessions with her. Thank you !